Hoval-Uno-3 (110-360)

Hoval-Uno-3Low temperature oil/gas - boiler


  • pass steel boiler according to EN 303 part 1 and 2 and EN 304 for firing of Diesel oil, oil L and gas.
  • Secondary heating surface
  • Type (110-280) thermolytic self-cleaning with flue gas regulators
  • Type (320-360) with dimpled tubes
  • Double joint boiler door swiveled to the right (Modification to left possible on site)
  • Insulation 80 mm mineral wool mat and glass fabric
  • Casing made of steel plates, red/orange powder coated
  • Flue gas outlet to the rear
  • Hoval-Uno-3-2Heating connections to the rear incl. counter flanges, screws and seals
  • Operating temperature max. 90 °C and 

operating pressure 4 bar with Uno-3 (95-160, 320,360).
Operating pressure 5 bar with Uno-3 (190-280).