Control panel

Heating Control Panels

Control panel with heating regulator TopTronic

TTT• modular heating circuit regulator with integrated regulation functions for
- 1 mixing circuit
- 1 heating circuit without mixer
- hot water charging circuit
• optional extension of functionality with key modules for
- 2nd mixer circuit
- bivalent operation
- solar circuit integration
• user friendly and intelligent user interface
• integrated short instruction set
• large LCD display for showing current data, parameters, error messages and operation states
• plain text display and background lighting
• 7 large function keys for
Untitled-2 copy- day room temperature
- night room temperature
- hot water temperature
- operation mode selection (holiday, absence, heating operation extension, automatic operation, summer, heating operation
permanent - reduced, frost protection)
- characteristic curve setting
- plant information
- emission measurement and manual operation
• press-and-turn button for simple setting of desired temperature and functions
• plug-in connection terminals
• accessories
- heat generator sensor
- outside sensor
- flow sensor
- calorifier sensor
- various key modules
- wall mounting case
- BMS module 0-10 V
- MOD bus TTT/ZM module
- SMS remote control unit
• weather controlled flow temperature regulator with or without room influence taking account of building characteristics and switching

• hot water charging circuit
- with various operation modes (e.g. storage tank priority or parallel operation)
- energy saving temperature
- adjustable legionella prevention function
- adjustable storage tank after-run
- storage tank emptying protection
- limiting and protection functions
• optimal adjustment of the regulation characteristics for various heat generators
• characteristic heating curve adjustment
• digital switching clock with
- one channel for each heating circuit and hot water charging circuit
- 3 individually preset standard programmes
for all channels and up to 3 switching cycles per day per channel
- adjustable on/off times
- automatic summer/winter changeover
- power reserve for several years
• pump anti-blocking protection
• frost protection
• operating hours and impulse counter
• function dependent relay test
• plaster drying function for underfloor heating
• flue gas temperature monitoring option
• self test with error diagnosis and error memory
• can be networked using 2-wire data bus for up to 5 central units (cascade function for up to 5 heat generators), extendable for up to 10 mixer circuits
• variable inputs and outputs
• demand contact or modem switching function


Control panel with thermostat T 2.2 – T 0.2

Control panel T 2.2
T02• Operating temperature max. 90 °C and operating pressure 4 bar
• For systems without TopTronic® regulator.
• For direct 2-stage burner control, incl. plug connection for burner requirement starting from external calorifieror heater instruction is possible.


Control panel T 0.2
• Operating temperature max. 105 °C and operating pressure 3 bar.
• For external switching command
• For systems without TopTronic® regulator
• For special control function without burner plug connection
- without burner running time meter and count-up-counter
- incl. 2 burner running time meter integrated
- incl. 2 burner running time meter and count-up-counter integrated