Hoval Max-3 (420-2700)

Oil/ gas boiler


Hoval-Max-3   Hoval-Max-3-2



3-pass steel boiler according to EN 303 part 1 and 2 and EN 304 for firing of Diesel oil, oil L and gas.

Boiler completely welded.

Working pressure 6 bar.

For Low NOx-burner with intern flue gas recirculation.

Insulation at the boiler body 80 mm mineral wool mat.

Boiler completely cased with steel plate, red/orange powder coated.

Max-3 (1500-2700) with accessible cover made of chequer sheet.

Flue gas outlet to the rear.

Heating flow connection to the top, heating return connections to the rear, incl. counter flanges, screws and seals.