Hoval Calorifier

MultiVal ERR (300, 400, 500, 800, 1000)


  • Hoval-CalorifierCalorifier made of steel enameled inside.
  • 2 smooth pipe heat exchanger enameled, built in.
       - for alternative use at the bottom.
       - for additional heating with an oil, gas or wood boiler at the top.
  • Magnesium protection anode built-in.
  • Flange for electrical heating inset.
  • Thermal insulation made of Polyurethan hard foam hulls, foamed on the calorifier for (300,400,500) ltr. and soft foam with polystyrene hard shell, red colored for (800,1000) ltr.
  • Removable foil casing, red colored.
  • Sleeve for electrical heating inset for (800,1000) ltr.
  • Sensor channel
  • with thermometer for (300,400,500) ltr. and included thermometer for (800,1000) ltr. 
  • 1½" sleeve for a screw-in electrical heating inset.


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